How to Choose Exterior Paint Supplies

To save time and produce the best possible finish, it's important to use the right supplies from the very beginning of your painting project.

For Best Results:

The Behr How To: Exterior Quick Start Guide brochure will help you select the correct brushes, rollers and other supplies you'll need for your exterior painting project. You'll find this guide at your local Home Depot.

Your paint must be protected from extreme temperatures in order to remain at its best. Do not leave it in your vehicle or outside for an extended period of time, especially in very cold weather.

  1. Brushes, rollers, paint tray, painter's tape.

    Step 1

    Choose high quality nylon/polyester brushes for latex paint finishes.

  2. 2 roller pads, paint tray and other paint supplies.

    Step 2

    Choose three-eighth to half-inch roller covers for smooth or semi-smooth surfaces. For medium to rough surfaces, choose roller covers of a half-inch or more.

  3. Painting supplies gathered together.

    Step 3

    Other supplies you will need are a roller frame, bucket and bucket grid, caulk and a caulking gun, drop cloths, a ladder, masking paper, one roll of painter's tape for every two gallons of paint, a paint tray and liners, an extension pole, patching material to fill small holes and cracks, a putty knife, stir sticks, a paint can opener, trash bags, sandpaper, a scraper, a screwdriver, a scrub brush and sponges.

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Suggested Tools & Supplies
  • Brush (Nylon/Polyester)
  • Paint Tray
  • Stir Stick
  • Painter's Tape
  • Drop Cloths
  • Ladder
  • Roller Cover and Frame
  • Checklist
  • Paint Tray Liner
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