BEHR® Spray Paint

The same BEHR quality you trust, now available at the press of a button.

BEHR Spray Paint.

Available in the 20 most popular colors, BEHR Spray Paint is a fast-drying, paint-and-primer-in-one designed to give you BEHR paint performance, quickly, easily, and reliably on especially hard to paint projects.

Key Points of Differentiation

Innovative Packaging

BEHR Spray Paint Colors

Available in 20 unique colors including, the popular WHITE, BLACK, and GRAY. All colors come in a GLOSS sheen, with *three (3) colors available also in FLAT. We offer a CLEAR FLAT sheen for protective coating.

  • *BlackBlack

  • Orion GrayN510-6

  • *Lunar SurfaceN460-3

  • Hidden Sea GlassP450-4

  • InkedM510-7

  • Blazing BonfireP250-7

  • Baronial BrownN170-7

  • No More DramaP140-7

  • Flirt AlertP150-7

  • Unmellow YellowP300-7

  • Luck of the IrishP380-7

  • CongoPPU11-20

  • VenomP340-7

  • TropicsP450-6

  • Mayan TreasureP480-7

  • Sugar BeetM130-7

  • Outdoor CaféN260-6

  • Khaki ShadeYL-W11

  • *White52

  • Resort SunriseM180-2